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    Smart Property Management
    Reducing Cost

  • Unify Group

    Smart Property Management
    Saving Energy

The Unify Group

Through a professionally crafted blend of shrewd procurement, customised energy efficiency projects and intelligent transformative technologies, the Unify Group drives down property owners’ operating costs and supports the realisation of their sustainability commitments.

Unify focuses solely on what works best for our clients – not for us – and creates outstanding solutions that precisely match each of our customer’s individual requirements.

We have no hidden agendas. We don’t deal in smoke and mirrors. We just deliver great results.

Case Study: A landmark partnership with Lancaster City Council

As a clear illustration, we’re delighted to showcase our landmark partnership with Lancaster City Council, supporting their decarbonisation ambitions for Salt Ayre Leisure Centre.


Expertly selecting, appointing and managing the most advantageous suppliers of a wide selection of property- and business-related essential services and goods on a fully transparent and wholly ethical basis. Significantly reducing your energy bills and other essential operating costs – improving your bottom-line financial performance year-on-year.


Individually designing and implementing high quality energy improvement projects to deliver the most beneficial efficiency outcomes and the swiftest returns on your property upgrade investments; whilst simultaneously boosting your green credentials.


Breaking new ground in the creation of genuinely transformative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled property management technologies, empowering the very best in real-time infrastructure monitoring, analytics and control.


Our team is committed to providing you with the most professional, fully impartial expert guidance on all issues relating to procurement, projects, energy and technology.

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