Energy & Utilities Procurement

Unify currently procures and manages in excess of £100 million of electricity, gas and water business on behalf of our clients, tendering and transacting extremely advantageous supply contract renewals.

In addition to securing very significant financial savings, we regularly negotiate highly preferential supplier contract terms and conditions for our customers.

Through the application of an online suite of energy monitoring and reporting tools, Unify constantly interrogates the energy consumption levels and patterns of each of our clients’ properties, enabling us to inform and guide them in a relentless drive to maximise ongoing cost and sustainability improvements.

The financial savings – and green advantages – facilitated by Unify can be very significant indeed. As a direct result of our endeavours, one of our major clients has benefited from a reduction in established costs of more than £1 million, realised over only a few short months.

There is no mystic art to our success. We are just exceptionally proficient and conscientious in all that we do.