About us

Unify has built an enviable reputation for highly original thinking and – importantly – for quality, reliability and honesty.

Our energy, procurement, project and technology specialists work closely with our clients’ senior teams to fully understand their specific property management challenges, and then create and deliver the most effective solutions that genuinely satisfy their needs.

We don’t suggest quick-fix fake economies.

We don’t make unrealistic commitments or indulge in sales gimmicks.

Our pledge is to work diligently and methodically with our clients in order to always deliver the best long-term value on their behalves. Our sole focus, therefore, is on securing the optimal, complementary service combinations of cost, quality, compliance and resilience.

And we deliver on our pledges.

Unify Group

A highly-experienced team of professionals working to deliver the uppermost levels of quality and value for our clients.

Mark Purnell Photo
Mark Purnell Chairman
Chris Brady CEO
Paul Webb Director of Operations
Rebecca Read Head of Accounts
Victoria Warder Key Accounts Manager

Our Services

Unify offers a comprehensive range of professional services supporting all aspects of the multifaceted operational challenges frequently presented by our clients’ properties.


Expertly selecting, appointing and managing the most advantageous suppliers of a wide selection of property- and business-related essential services and goods on a fully transparent and wholly ethical basis. Significantly reducing your energy bills and other essential operating costs – improving your bottom-line financial performance year-on-year.


Individually designing and implementing high quality energy improvement projects to deliver the most beneficial efficiency outcomes and the swiftest returns on your property upgrade investments; whilst simultaneously boosting your green credentials.


Breaking new ground in the creation of genuinely transformative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled property management technologies, empowering the very best in real-time infrastructure monitoring, analytics and control.


Our team is committed to providing you with the most professional, fully impartial expert guidance on all issues relating to procurement, projects, energy and technology.