We design and deliver the most appropriate and effective projects, created explicitly to meet all aspects of our clients’ distinct operational requirements and delivering the very best returns on the capital employed. As we are fully independent of all manufacturers and suppliers, you can be assured that Unify’s project solutions are entirely professional and are exclusively fashioned to meet your individual demands.

Unify provides fully comprehensive, transparent breakdowns of each of the financial elements of our project designs and the anticipated returns on investment that they will generate. We rigorously benchmark all component cost lines to assure only the best value. If required, we will also manage and deliver the final projects in full compliance with our original designs, specifications and costings as a turnkey contract.

Circadian Trust

Circadian Trust is an independent, charitable company successfully managing a range of leisure facilities in Bristol. Circadian appointed Unify to help secure Sport England funding contributing to the energy efficiency enhancements at two of Circadian’s key Leisure Centres.

Livewire Trust

Livewire is a community interest company created in 2012 to provide leisure, library and lifestyle services in Warrington. Livewire appointed Unify as their energy consultants to identify potential upgrades and improvements across seven of their Leisure and Culture Centres.

Royston Leisure Centre

Royston Leisure Centre was built in 2005 and is run by Stevenage Leisure Ltd (SLL). SLL appointed Unify to design and install a new LED lighting system for the swimming pool to improve the quality of the lighting whilst delivering the best possible energy reductions and return on SLL’s investment.