About us

Unify has built an enviable reputation for highly original thinking and – importantly – for quality, reliability and honesty.

We work closely with our clients’ senior teams to accurately understand their precise challenges, and then to create and deliver the most effective solutions that genuinely meet their particular needs and represent the very best in long term value.

Many of our clients are regularly bombarded with unsolicited sales communications from a multitude of solution and service providers all promising to deliver the next best “Innovative”, “Money Saving” thing in the market. And many of whom, once they’ve made the sale, provide something very different indeed, falling well short of their original assurances. These all-too-frequent unhappy experiences inevitably lead to a great deal of client confusion and disenchantment – and understandable cynicism.

Unify does not make unrealistic commitments or trade in deception. We consistently provide high quality services and solutions that work best for our customers, enhancing their property’s performance and streamlining their operational costs. In other words, we deliver on our promises.

Unify Group

A highly-experienced team of professionals working to deliver the uppermost levels of quality and value for our clients.

Mark Purnell Photo
Mark Purnell Chairman

Chris Brady CEO

Paul Webb Director of Operations
Colin Payne Director of Technology
Mark Dalton Consultant

Our Services

Unify offers a comprehensive range of professional services – embracing procurement, projects, technology and consultancy – supporting all aspects of our clients’ operational challenges.


Professionally selecting the most advantageous supplier arrangements on a fully transparent and wholly ethical basis. Significantly reducing your operating costs and improving financial performance year-on-year.


Individually designing and implementing high quality project solutions to deliver the most beneficial outcomes and the swiftest returns on your investment.


Breaking new ground in the creation of market-leading, disruptive technologies delivering the very best in real-time operational monitoring, management and analytics.
Digitising your analogue properties.


Our team is committed to providing you with the most professional, fully impartial expert guidance on all issues relating to procurement, projects, energy and technology.